Thomas Verhaar – an unforgettable experience

Who are you, and what is your soccer background?

My name is Thomas Verhaar and I’m 27 years old. I come from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I am a winger/attacking midfielder. Until my 18th I played for my first club VOC Rotterdam and after that I got asked to play in the academy of first Sparta Rotterdam and after that Willem II, both Premier League clubs at that time. That didn’t turn out the way I hoped and so I went back to VOC Rotterdam. I played there for 4 years and between the 3rd and 4th year I played for the Houston Dutch Lions FC. Right now I am playing for Sparta Rotterdam in the Jupiler League (2nd Division).


How did you hear for the first time about the Dutch Lions FC?

And friend of mine ended his pro career and he wanted to go on a foreign adventure. He contacted the Houston Dutch Lions FC and they told him that they were looking for a winger, that’s when he informed me.


For which Dutch Lions team did you play?

Houston Dutch Lions FC in 2013.


Where did you live, and how was it?

I lived in place north of Houston called “the Woodlands” a very beautiful place.


What was your overall experience of living in the US?

It was an unforgettable and really great experience.


What was your overall experience of playing soccer in the US?

I’m very happy that I’ve had the chance to experience the American sports mentality. Every player in America is much more educated because of the American education/sports system. This makes the mentality much more professional.


Did you have one big moment that you will always remember from the time in the US?

The games in Austin against the Austin Aztex were great. Austin is such a great city and the atmosphere was great.


What did the chance of playing for the Dutch Lions FC gave you regarding your current soccer career?

Most of all I’m happy that I had the experience of living and playing soccer in another country and I really hope that I can go back to the United States some time in my career.


Why did you decide to play for the Dutch Lions FC?

I thought it was a great opportunity to enrich my career with such a great experience.


What soccer related plans do you have for the future?

First I want to build my career in the Netherlands and get a lot of success at Sparta and in the future I hope to go back to the United States with the MLS as ambition.


What can you recommend the players who have the dream of playing soccer in the US, regarding the Tryouts and playing in the US?

Keep that dream alive and make sure you will do everything to make those dreams come true!!


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