Roy Kemna – Enjoy it

Who are you, and what is your soccer background?

My name is Roy Kemna, I’m 27 years old and started playing soccer at the age of six. After playing for VV Drachster Boys I recently joined SC Town Park who play “Tweede klasse”, and are leading the table.


How did you hear about the Dutch Lions FC?

My brother told me about the Dutch Lions, a friend of him was coach at one of the clubs.


What were your motives when you decided to sign up for Dutch Lions FC Tryout?

I always dreamed about playing soccer in the USA, I just didn’t know how I can make it happen. Then I heard about the Tryouts at the Dutch Lions FC. I thought that this is my chance to make my dream come true. I knew it’s now or never!

For which Dutch Lions team(s) did you play?

I played for Florida Gulf Coast Dutch Lions FC, and after performing well for the club, I was given the opportunity to play for Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC, in the PDL Central Conference.

Where did you live, and how was it?

In Florida I lived together with the head coach of the team, in a beautiful neighbourhood. The house was clean and I had plenty of room, pool included! The beach and shops I could easily reach by car or bus.
In Cincinnati I lived with other players from all around the world together, in a big house, close to the training facility and gym. The city was very beautiful, I enjoyed it every day. We trained three times a week plus games. Of course, we also went to the clubs a couple of times.

How was living in the USA?

Fascinating! I enjoyed both states. I would put it this way, go to Florida for the beaches, weather and women. Go to Cincinnati for experiencing a great city and good training facilities.

How was playing soccer in the USA?

They play a different kind of football, which is more about mentality and condition, but tactically they run behind. It is sort of a kick and rush style of play. For competitions you had to travel longer than in Europe, therefore in most cases vans or buses are made available.

Did you have one (or more) special moments that you will always remember from your time with the Dutch Lions?

Yes, playing against FC Miami City. A great club which is part of the PSG Academy. Miami in general was awesome, so I went there with my girlfriend for a few days, will never forget this time.

What will you take with you for the future from your time at the Dutch Lions?

At the beginning I was not absolutely sure if I should do it. I doubted, but on the other hand it appeared to be so exciting. When I made my decision to do it, I didn’t know what to expect. Now I can say that it was my best choice in 2016, and I have no regrets. I learned that behind your fear is your greatest growth. The world is so much bigger than you actually think, and when you really want something you should do it, everything is possible.

Did the time at the Dutch Lions bring you closer to become a soccer professional?

Unfortunately I got injured when playing at Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC. But yes, it can bring you closer. Generally speaking, it is easier to become a soccer professional in the USA.

What you would recommend other players who are interested in joining the Dutch Lions FC?

It will be an experience you will remember for your whole life, enjoy it!